Tony Robbins explains how all humans share the same 6 humans needs, and how to change your mindset to become truly successful, fulfilled and happy.

Tony Robbins – The Mindset of High Achievers

Transcript of the Tony Robbins Interview you must listen to today:

In people’s lives… there’s only maybe half dozen, 7-8 categories that really matter. Most people, they major in minor things. They focus on stuff that doesn’t matter. They know more about this celebrity going in and out of rehab than they do about their own personal development. But I look at it and say if you look at your body, where you are starting without that everything else is out the door.

You don’t wanna be the richest man in the graveyard. That’s not going to do it. If there is energy, if there is vitality, if there is strength it’s gonna show up in your relationship, it’s gonna show up in your business, it’s gonna show up in your life. That’s something you got to master. You can’t dabble. It’s too important. Emotions are everything.

I mean you got a ton of money, everybody loves you and your primary emotions are pissed off and frustrated, then your life is pissed off and frustrated. Doesn’t matter if you got a billion dollars, or a million people loving you, your life is not great.

Relationships. Intimate relationships especially. It’s where the most juice in life comes from, It’s where the most pain comes for most people, It’s worth mastering instead of dabbling. Really looking at what you’re gonna do with your time.

And mastering your time, instead of… having a checklist and crossing all off you can mistake movement for achievement. I want to squeeze that time what matters, that creates value for me and for everyone I care about and love.

What about your career or your business and the mastery of that, instead of dabbling… most businesses are dabblers. That’s why they don’t make it. 96% you know… in a 10 year period of time, 4% make it. That doesn’t even mean they’re profitable. And that does not mean they’re enjoying themselves. Or they’re getting anybody else to do good.

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